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Ngonidzashe Musowe

Israel Isheanesu

Paul Chifakacha

Chief Operating Officer

Ngonidzaishe is the Chief Operating Officer of Tensor Systems (Pvt) Ltd. He holds a Bsc Civil Engineering (UZ).

He has been involved in Civil and building Engineering Construction for the last 22 years in Zimbabwe and

has been the Managing Director of Tensor Systems (Pvt) Ltd since 2003. Ngoni has vast experience in the

technical work and Administration of Construction Projects.



Operations Director

Israel is the Operations Director, he has over 17 years experience in Civil and Structural Engineering Design

Contract Drafting, Construction Supervision and Management.


Contracts Manager

Paul has over 28 year experience ranging from Roads, Earthworks, Civil Structures, Dams, water and

sewer reticulation, Airports and Mining. He holds a Diploma in Quantity Surveying, Diploma in

Construction Technology, Diploma in project Planning & Management, Diploma in Surveying Estimating

(I.C.S LONDON) Construction Management Programme C.M.P (Stellenbosch University S.A) Masters

in Business Administration M.B.A (MANCOSA DURBAN S.A). Paul has been involved in many

construction Projects in Zimbabwe and has been involved in construction Business Development in the

SADAC region.


Terence Johane

Lazarus Marowa

Admire Chuma

Finance & Administration Manager

Holds a Bachelor of Accounting Science (University of South Africa), Post Graduate diploma in

Accounting Science (univercity of South Africa/ICAZ), Articled Accountant (trained with big 4 Accounting

firm). Terence has more thann 6 years of accounting, auditing and financial management experience, both on

the ground and managerial level spanning across the various types of business and industries.


Plant & Operations Manager

Mr Marowa has 17years in the Plant and Transport Industry. He holds a National Diploma in Transport




Commercial Manager

Mr Chuma has a National Diploma in Quantity Surveying, 11 years in taking off, preparation of Bills of

Quantities Measurement and Valuation in the areas of structural and Civil Works. In addition to this he also

has a Certificate in Project Management and a holder of certificate in candy for estimating and pricing.



Stephen Nawu

Wellington Chafanzwa

Maxwell Takawira

Optic Fiber Manager

Mr S. Nawu is the  Optic fibre Manager. He is FOA Certified and has vast experience in Fibre Cable Blowing,

Splicing, Termination and Testing.


SHEQ Manager

Mr Chifanzwa is the Safety Health Environment and Quality Manager. He is fully armed with 15 years

in the Construction Industry.


Human Resources Officer

Mr Takawira holds a Diploma in Personal Management and has 22 years work experience in the Construction




43 Dan Judson, Milton Park, Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263-4-740 160, 740 179, 740 342, 740 371, 741 457

Fax: +263-4-741 679





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