Our People

Our People

Our greatest asset is our people. We remain true to our founding values of quality, commitment, hard-work and integrity in all our work. We believe that all stakeholders are critical to the success of Tensor Systems (Private) Limited and good relationships are maintained throughout. Tensor Systems (Private) Limited places great emphasis on attracting and retaining highly-skilled and competent staff. We are an equal opportunity employer where no discrimination is made because of race, gender or creed. We are committed to a policy of Affirmative Action, whereby the company takes the responsibility of uplifting the previously disadvantaged segments of our society, train and develop individuals.

Client Satisfaction

Tensor Systems (Private) Limited differentiates its self from its competitors due to hands-on approach and involvement of top management. Our organisational structure facilitates top level interaction with our clients opening channels of communication with the decision makers. We are therefore able to form close relationships with our clients to ensure solutions which best achieve their goals. This organisation subscribes to the principle of creating sustainable partnership with all stakeholders.

Safety Health & Environment

Tensor Systems (Private) Limited engages in Civil Engineering projects, specialising in roads and earthworks, as well as extensive mechanical maintenance. The company aims to create and maintain an environment within which employees may execute their activities in a healthy and safe manner.

The company is committed to minimizing all risks pertaining to personal injury, diseases, company property and equipment. To achieve this goals management will:

  • Actively participate in safety loss control programs and ensure the involvement of all stakeholders.
  • Apply all reasonably practical measures to prevent injuries, fire, explosions and conditions that may jeorpadise the health of employees, negatively affect the environment or damage equipment.
  • Be committed to compliance with all applicable statutory requirements or, in the absence of appropriate legislation, on construction best practice.
  • Communicate health and safety rules and procedures to all interested and affected parties.
  • Participate in the promotion of safety by example.
  • Maintain and review the safety and health performance of our production and activities.
  • Promote a culture of health and safety awareness among all employees.

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